WME Loyalty Program




Cris Cristina
(Lead UX and Interaction Designer)

Stefan Belavy
(Art Direction and Interface. Partial UX)

Internal Stakeholders:
World Market E-Commerce team

Digitalist worked closely with the internal World Market team, to re-imagine what their Cart & Checkout process could look like. In only six short weeks, we concepted a high fidelity interactive prototype, for both mobile and desktop. Special attention was directed to speeding up the checkout process, improving usability and ADA compliance, and ultimately improving conversion. We believe that a positive customer experience will naturally achieve this business goal. Good design is good business, so focus on the customer experience first.

Unlocking A Shared Vision

A UX workshop is a great way to not only solve the tactical issues facing the website, but unlock a lot of the frustrations and pain points which don’t have a forum to be voiced during normal office hours. Through the process of working toward a road map which the team collectively agreed on, there’s a renewed sense of motivation to solve the immediate issues facing the business and the customer.

Sample Desktop Wireframes

Sample Mobile Layouts

Patching it All Together

Linking the Layouts
The Invision Craft plugin is a great software tool for tackling complex interaction flows. With Craft, Cris was able to patch together these layouts and quickly get them into a prototype within Invision. With a clickable prototype, we then solicited feedback and iterated quickly toward a design that worked.

Sample Desktop Layouts


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