Ebay Motors_Marketing

– Social Outreach –
Promotional Video

My Role: Video Editing, Motion Graphics

Script: Roberto Prado, Jake Martin
Voiceover: Nick Bradshaw
Sound Mastering: Jaide Belavy

Set your dream into motion

Images of the open road and freedom are woven into the concept of America. We tapped into pure emotion and a Black Keys style groove to introduce the new eBay Motors. The video was done on a shoestring budget, leveraging our in house talent – one of our developers used to be a local TV anchorman, and he’s certainly got the “voice”. This video is used for social media channels, and with our dealership outreach team.



– Marketing Campaign –
Celebrating the Details

Signature details
Enthusiasts love the signature details of their favorite vehicles. As a fellow classic car enthusiast, this banner campaign was a joy to art direct. The eBay Motors app has a unique inventory of vehicles from all eras. While designing this campaign, Reid Miles art direction for Blue Note records was a distinct reference – I closely cropped each photo to showcase the details a purist would notice, which in turn helps to drive downloads of the app. Overall, clickthrough rates have surged 400% higher from the previous generic banner campaign. 

Role: Art Direction
Taglines: Roberto Prado
Source Imagery: Unsplash.com


– Marketing Campaign –
Crafting a campaign which speaks to Enthusiasts

Role: Creative Direction, Strategy, Art Direction, Copywriting
Team: Claire Vidal, Roberto Prado, Jake Martin


In June 2020, the eBay Motors division was recently granted a signifcant boost to their marketing budget – a massive increase from the shoestring marketing budget we’ve been operating on since inception.

While that’s great, challenges remain. Marketing during the time of COVID-19 is tricky and challenging, especially for high end purchases like a classic car. We understood this campaign needed to feel authentic and resonate with our base, if it was to have any signifcant impact.

The first puzzle which needed to be solved was marketing a $100 gift card which a buyer earned if they purchased a vehicle from eBay. It’s only $100… and it’s not much, a gesture when compared to the total purchase price of a car. 

We felt a deeper story needed to be tapped into, something that spoke to the motivations of an enthusiast, despite the reality of a lockdown.



Discover Themes
Tap into core enthusiast themes – shared experiences, passion, and craft

Business Application
Consider the enthusiast lifecycle: purchase, maintenance, and restoration

Strategic integration
Ebay’s Parts & Accessories division is a natural partner for Ebay Motors


1 / Building Memories
Capture the lasting experiences and memories which vehicle purchase and ownership provides.

2 / Enthusiast Passion
Speak to an enthusiast’s desire to care for and modify their new vehicle purchase. This sets up a natural partnership with eBay’s Parts & Accessories.

3 / Garage Session
Position eBay Motors as a trusted partner, who is there every step of the way during the enthusiast ownership lifecycle; from purchase, to upgrades and maintenance.



Marketing Design
Iterative Design

Remote collaboration

Practicing product design these last few years has significantly altered my approach to advertising and crafting marketing campaigns.

I now approach marketing design within a systems framework – assembling a component library (tagline, imagery) and then methodically testing and recombining multiple outputs, until a final tested set of creative is arrived at.

Taglines were written, commented, and refined within the span of an afternoon. Figma is a great way to leverage the brainpower of a distributed team.

Marketing Design
Build A System

Iterate & refine

Setting up the system in Figma allowed us to test and iterate images and copy combinations very quickly.

A remote feedback session with internal stakeholders quickly let us arrive at a final design set ready for production rollout.

Marketing Design
Build A System

Ready for rollout

After a few rounds of feedback and discussion with internal stakeholders, three final directions emerged. The final set of templates were extended to various banner formats and sizes.

Marketing Design
Build A System

Building out the campaign

Ebay’s marketing platform has a vast range of banner outputs which need to be created for any site wide campaign.
Having locked in on three core templates, the campaign was extended and optimized for each new banner’s proportion and size constraints.

Marketing Design
Strategic Rollout

Consider the audience

While Enthusiasts share a common passion for vehicles, they express themselves in different ways – their preferences and the sites they visit
can vary quite a bit.

eBay Motors unique challenge is appealing to all Enthusiasts, with a core message that remains sincere and authentic.

The team was careful to match these ads to our intended audience. Some forums cater to seasoned gearheads with a deep mechanical skillset, while other forums cater to the weekend getaway driver.


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