WME Loyalty Program

Co-Creation Workshops:
Loyalty Program and Sign Up

My Role: 
Workshop Facilitation, UX & UI

Cris Cristina (UX Lead and Co-Facilitator),
CPWM Senior Executive team

Cost Plus World Market is a brand that shoppers know and love. Loyal customers were having difficulty signing into the new website though, and the Digitalist team was enlisted to conduct a series of workshops to diagnose and fix some of the current UX issues.

One of the deeper benefits of a co-creation workshop is that by working through these issues it creates an awareness and empathy among principal stakeholders. These workshops seed an awareness of good UX, hopefully shared out across the company.

Workshop Photos + Output

Unlocking a Shared Vision
A UX workshop is a great way to not only solve the tactical issues facing the website, but unlock a lot of the frustrations and pain points which don’t have the forum to be voiced during normal office hours. Through the process of working toward a road map which the team collectively agreed on, there’s a renewed sense of motivation to solve the immediate issues facing Sign Up and Log In.

Creating A Customer Journey Map

Mapping the Experience
Printing out a giant Customer Journey map, turned out to be one of the most useful tools for getting everyone on the same page and isolating what we should focus our time on during the Workshops. As we listened to the WME Stakeholders explain how complicated it was for the average shopper to sign up In-Store, we quickly realized the pain points we needed to focus on, ideate and prototype.

Visualizing the complexity on a giant map, accelerated the discussion. What was once a verbal complaint, was now transformed into concrete actionable steps we could markup and investigate.

Whiteboards + Wireframes

Patching it All Together

Linking the Layouts
The Invision Craft plugin is a great software tool for tackling complex interaction flows. With Craft, our team was able to patch together these layouts and quickly get them into a prototype within Invision. With a clickable prototype, we then solicited feedback and iterated quickly toward a design that worked.

Sample Layouts



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