Dolby. AutoMash

Client: Dolby Labs (Internal Concept)
Role: Motion Designer + Art Direction
Skillsets: UI, UX, Art Direction
Internal Team:
Yusuke Asaka, Mark Armstrong,
Iroro Orife, Sean Durkin

Remix at an Atomic Level

Automash represents the output of a passionate internal team at Dolby, who wondered what Dolby’s latest codec might look like in a mobile space for music producers. Our team pitched this concept at Dolby’s annual Ideaquest, many years ago and such a concept has yet to be realized in the commercial space.

Dolby Atmos is a revolutionary codec that creates immersive 3D sound, due to the fact sound objects can now be mapped and positioned in 3D space. While the company at large was focused on Atmos commercial application in large spaces and cinemas, our team wanted to bring it to a mobile context and in the hands of electronic producers. Automash was one such app concept. With Automash, a producer could mix two tracks at an atomic level of detail – pitch, tempo, and spatial positioning are all configurable. While this remains a concept piece pitched at Ideaquest years ago, I hope an engineering team makes it a reality one day. Dolby has the mind power to make it happen.

Resonance App. Remix on the Fly

While the execution of this video is primitive – it was done years ago for Dolby’s annual Ideaquest – I still stand by the concept, and it has yet to be realized commercially. One day, music fans might be able to remix their favorite tracks using the power of Dolby Atmos and discrete sound objects. Native Instruments made a giant leap with stems, but Dolby Atmos can go even deeper.

Music: Tycho


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