In-Venue Stadium App

Client: Digitalist (Internal Project)
My Role: Sprint Facilitator & Product Designer
Lead UX Designer: Nicolas Ruggieri
Lead Visual Designer: Trenton Temple
UX Designer: Vivian Kwok
Software Architect: Robert Hajek

For the connected sports fan, integrated stadium apps are quickly becoming an enhanced way to enjoy the game more than ever before. A well designed InVenue app helps you to bypass the beer line, connect with friends, and keep on top of stats in real time. Following the format of the Google Sprint, a small team of Digitalist designers concepted, designed and user tested a SF giants prototype in just five days.

Sprint Output


Interactive playing cards was the key concept which our team felt would easily transition from the physical to digital realm. It was the idea which sparked the most interest during our initial brainstorm sessions, and the team rallied to refine and explore the idea further.

Fans would earn these digital cards by attending games. For example, if you were at a game and witnessed a Grand Slam, you earned the Grand Slam card for that game. Physical attendance is rewarded – so loyal fans stood a better chance of earning these rare event-based cards. Over time, these cards can be redeemed for merchandise, creating a virtual card based economy among the stadium and local vendors. The cards can also be shared with friends, and over time they provide an interesting memory of the Giants Season, unique to each fan’s experience. The concept tested well with users, and we would love the see this idea become a reality.

– How We Got There –

Google 5 Day Sprint Overview

Co-Creation at Work

User Testing & Feedback Synthesis

We used Trello to quickly capture and prioritize the feedback from Friday’s testing session. Of all the Sprint activities, I feel the user testing on Day 5 proved to be the most valuable. Feedback quickly validated what would appeal to folks in the real world, as well as indicating new features which we never would have thought of. While interviewing avid sports fans generated a lot of new feature ideas, the non-sports users had some fascinating feedback too. It turns out the app for them would alleviate the boredom of being at the game with their significant other. This opened up a whole new way of approaching the app, and an untapped demographic to consider.

All in all, the pain points that surfaced with this MVP prototype, quickly indicated new features and offered suggestions on improving the ones we already had.

– Post Sprint –

Assess the Feedback and Iterate Quickly


Aside from the rush of concepting and validating a design in only 5 days, I found the deeper value of the Google 5 day Sprint resides in how it brings a team closer together. We learned how to value each others ideas, regardless of our normal roles in the office. We learned how to focus on the immediate task at hand, and move on to the next phase to meet the intense hourly deadlines. The 5 day Sprint is not an easy process, but if you see it through it does wonders for team building within a design studio.


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