Client: Shocase
Role: Freelancer
Skillsets: UI, UX, Branding
Internal Team
Design VP: Brad Nemer

Making connections, finding new opportunities and having a portfolio to showcase your talents are all central to the Shocase promise. The website aims to be a one stop portal to network, find jobs, and recruit talent. The core UX challenge was to design an interface that was useful to both designers & recruiters

UX Concept /
Find the right talent, now

Through a set of filters, a recruiter can quickly calibrate their ideal candidate according to title, experience, sector and location. I think this would be a dream feature for recruiters, and would have enhanced adoption and revenue for Shocase. At the time, recruiter subscriptions were the primary business model for generating revenue.

UX Concept /
Portfolio One Sheet

With this design, I wanted to make it easier for recruiters to find, filter, assess and contact candidates. Currently, recruiters sift through hundreds of portfolios trying to match a role and they have to visit multiple sites to gather the info they need to decide. Ideally, they could do this all within a single layout. I combined LinkedIn details and a visual portfolio and arranged it in an intuitive sequence, empathetic to their workflow.

Brand Tagline

Brand Pillars



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