VUDU Mobile

Client: VUDU Inc.
Role: Product Design & Art Direction
Skillsets: UI, UX, Art Direction
Internal Team
UX: Siri Yenigella, Christine Park
Visual: Wendy Coquilla, Edsel Dilag

With the explosive growth of mobile, porting the new VUDU onto phone and tablets was a key initiative of the new redesign. The two central challenges I encountered while designing this system was that it needed to scale across multiple platforms and the feature set needed to make sense for a user within a mobile context. Limited screen size, limited bandwidth and a limited attention span – all present challenges while designing for mobile.

Designing for Complexity

One of the core challenges in designing VUDU for mobile is the complexity of information that needed to be managed within such a small mobile screen. For pricing options, I came up with a tab system for choosing different formats, which would change out the information above. For example, tapping on HD, would change out the buttons above it, to HD pricing options. It’s an efficient use of space management.

For this solution, I was recently granted a Design Patent.


Browse By Episode

A user can dive deep into specific episode information by tapping on the Season Tabs. Since the user quickly wants to access, browse and purchase content, we tried to keep everything just a few clicks away and maintain a sense of orientation by staying within the same layout.


Watch on the Go

Download your favorite episodes for those daily commutes and long flights. With this design we wanted to make sure users could drill down into their favorite shows, and offer a granular level of detail. Users could read the episode description, stream the episode on the fly, or download it for offline consumption.


Swipe and Scan

During playback, swipe across the screen to advance or rewind. A capsule overlay appears, indicating the change in time. A developer I worked with came up with this idea, and I was happy to mock up the concept to get the prototype working. I’m a firm believer in co-creation, as great ideas come from all departments.

VUDU Tablet / Bingewatching & Bookmarking


With this feature we wanted to address a use case whereby a power user could enjoy hundreds of trailers in playback mode, and still be able to add to their wishlist in a fluid manner without exiting playback. This new feature made sense from a business perspective, since we reasoned a user would be more likely to convert when they now have access to a personalized list of favorites. Over time, these trailers enjoyed in the moment now become a valuable reference list for the user, should they decide to purchase a title. Of course, sending a notification once the title becomes available helps too.


This feature was granted a US Patent. It accounts for 1 of 5 design patents granted to the VUDU design team during the initial redesign. I’m proud of the innovative work such a small and dedicated team pulled off. Small teams can do great things, in my experience.


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