Client: VUDU Inc.
Role: Product Design & Art Direction
Skillsets: UI, UX, Art Direction
Internal Team
UX: Siri Yenigella, Christine Park
Visual: Wendy Coquilla, Edsel Dilag

The new Vudu is enjoyed by millions of customers on multiple platforms. Users love VUDU for its deep catalog of 80,000+ movie and tv titles.

I led the visual redesign of this project over a nine month period. We aimed for a modern and sleek interface in the line with the core gamer demographic which VUDU had at the time.


Finding the right movie, right away

With the redesign, one of the use cases we wanted to solve was connecting users to movie titles they would enjoy right away. Eventually we settled on a movie ribbon that could filter VUDU’s deep catalog to a smaller subset of movies within a few clicks. A user could filter by genre, and from there select a sub-genre. The smaller movie subset is updated directly below the ribbon widget, eliminating the need to visit a succession of screens to find the right movie.


Interaction Design /
Movie Ribbon

By using the movie ribbon, a user filters to a Chase / Action subset of movies in just a few clicks. One of the key benefits of this approach is organic filtering. Users can quickly pivot and explore different genres and sub-genres until they are finally presented with a movie they like, all within the same layout. This approach embraces serendipity and the free-form search behavior typical to most user sessions.

Design Patent pending

Art Direction /
Custom Iconography

I designed a unique and signature iconography for VUDU with the rationale that this new VUDU needed to make a splash – it needed to stand out in a crowded and competitive marketplace.  The iconography was designed to appeal to a gamer’s sensibility, since gamers were the core demographic of VUDU at the time of the redesign.

The interface is the brand.

Art Direction /
Immersive Backgrounds

This immersive background was a bold advancement from the old product details page. Each title layout was designed with a beautiful background still, to create an ambience and feel which represents each title. I lobbied hard for this design, as I felt such a design would inspire conversion among the users. VUDU management agreed, and we hired a few interns to manually source and crop the imagery for the thousands of pages we then needed to backfill.

Interaction /
Search by Genre and Mood

VUDU partnered with Jinni, a start up which specializes in metadata tagging. The upside for the user is that they could now search for a title according to genre, mood or person. Designing and arranging all this information within the interface, was a constant UI challenge throughout the redesign.


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